Health Care 4 All is an international charity organisation (UK Registered Charity Number 1158474) committed to providing health care worldwide, particularly in developing countries and remote rural areas, through the use of modern technology and innovation.


Our aim is to provide health care to remote rural communities worldwide, in particular developing countries that have very limited to no access to health care. Particular emphasis will be placed on maternal and child health as well as preventative medicine.


In many parts of the world people have to make a long and arduous journey to the nearest medical facility to even get basic healthcare.

Healthcare 4 All International provides medical and nursing care for these communities through the use of community health workers, doctors and nurses aided by tele‐medicine technology.

Community health workers (carrying basic medicines, dressings, and a laptop/tablet computer) travel to the patient in a specially modified ambulance and provide care in the patients home with advice from the doctors.

The patient (aided by the community health worker) talks to the doctor in the local health clinic, local hospital or the specialist hospital via tele‐medicine technology.

The patient’s condition and clinical observations are transmitted to the doctor by the community health workers through tele‐medicine and recording apps.

The patient’s medical details are available to the doctor and community health worker via an app on their hand held tablet and a remote Electronic Medical Records Database.

Patients who need escalated treatment are evacuated to the hospital or our clinic in the same ambulance that the community health workers use to attend the call.

All treatments we provide including drugs are free to deserving patients.


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“Thank you for taking care of my  mummy when she was pregnant
and my brother who was very poorly when he was born.”
“When I was ill we could not afford to buy medicine,
Healthcare 4 All International doctors treated me for free”