Health Care 4 All International – Founded 2014

By the grace of Allah swt Health Care 4 All International is successfully operating since 2015. Providing Primary and Emergency Health Care to the communities in Mirpur District AJK Pakistan serving a population of over 100,000 people


We need your generous support

  • Our work is dependent on the philanthropy and donations, mainly from the UK, of people like yourself. Your donations are vital for our work. Healthcare 4 All International needs your Zakat, Sadqa, Lillah, all kinds of Khairat and other donations to continue its work.
Don’t forget that if you are a UK tax payer we can claim gift aid from the UK Government, which will increase your gift by 25%
Please share this appeal with any of your friends or colleagues who you think would like to support our vital service.

What services do we provide?

We Never Close: Our services are open 24 hours a day 365 days of the year and are available to all without any discrimination of any sort. We provide the following:

  • Call Centre for information, help and advice
  • Consultation and treatment by qualified doctors at our Community Health & Telemedicine Centre (CHTMC) and through our well-trained Community Medical Assistants (CMA) this is a walk in centre for any patient at any time
  • Outreach service for patients in their homes, who cannot travel to the CHTMC. Initial visits by our CMAs who can seek specialist medical advice via our unique Telemedicine service. If necessary, they can arrange for investigations and also home delivery of medicines.
  • Antenatal mother and child care
  • An ambulance service to transfer patients to CHTMC or to the nearest secondary care facility if required
  • Pharmacy services - well equipped pharmacy open 24 Hours for all. Also provides medicines for patients in their homes
  • Online Consultations with National & International Specialists
  • Emergency medical and surgical care at the CHTMC or in at the patients’ home. Home Care for long Term chronic illnesses and wound care services.
  • Short stay observation and treatment beds
  • Diagnostics Services : A wide range of laboratory investigations at the CHTMC. If necessary, samples for tests can be collected from the patient’s. ECG, Ultra Sound & patient monitoring service is provided. X-ray facilities are planned for the near future
  • Public health advice and information
  • In addition, and especially during natural disasters and pandemics like the COVID 19 we provide essential care, medicines and food rations to deserving families
  • Community health awareness programme
  • Academic Activity with online video link seminars and meetings from local and international specialists