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Our mission is to provide healthcare to third world remote rural communities that have very limited or no access to health care by using modern technology and innovation. We place particular emphasis on maternal and child health as well as preventive medicine.


In many parts of the world people living in rural communities have to make long and arduous journeys to get to a medical facility. Even when they get there there is no guarantee that a doctor or nurse will be there to treat them.

We provide medical, nursing and healthcare workers to treat people who are unable to travel to a clinic due to infirmity or illness, in their homes with by using community health workers under the guidance of  doctors based in the local health clinic, district general hospital or the specialist hospital via tele-medicine technology.

The community health workers have essential drugs with them and are trained in dispensing with advice from the doctors.

The doctors consult directly with the patient and the community health workers in real time using the tele-medicine technology.

The Patient’s condition and clinical observations are transmitted to the doctor through tele-medicine and recording apps.

The Patient’s medical details are available to the doctor and community health worker via an app on their hand held tablet and a remote Electronic Medical Records Database.

Patients who need escalated treatment are evacuated to hospital in the same ambulance that the community health workers use to attend the call.

All treatments that we provide including drugs are free to patients unable to fund their care.

Our income

We rely totally on the generosity of our benefactors who come from a range of back grounds.

Help us to continue to provide this valuable service to some of the worlds poorest communities

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Who are Health Care 4 All International

Our Charity
We are a UK based charity (Charity registration number xxxxxxx) based in Bradford, delivering services in villages in the Mirpur district of Azad Jammu Kashmir, Pakistan. All funds are raised and controlled by our trustees from the UK. Our sister charity registered in Pakistan acts as a delivery arm and is directly controlled by our board of trustees in the UK
Our Philosophy
We aim to reduce the inequality of healthcare provision between rural communities and city communities in third world.
Our Promise
We will make the most efficient use of the funds donated to us so that we spend as much as we possibly can directly on patientcare
We Deliver On Our Objectives
Our board of trustees skills and expertise will be used to the best of their abilities. We will partner with other organisations where we need to in order to deliver our stated objectives

Our expenditure

Medical and nursing salaries 90

Drugs and dressings 95

Administration 7

Infrastructure and capital expenses 75


Our trustees have a range of medical, commercial and organisational expertise.

Dr Tariq Shah

President & Founder

Consultant Urological Surgeon The Yorkshire Clinic

Dr Tasneem Shah

Vice President

Consultant gynecological surgeon.

Dr Akram Khan


Senior partner, Avicenna Medical Practice Chair, Bradford City Clinical Commissioning Group Specialist medical aesthetician

Mr Dilshad Khan


Director, Bradford Court Chaplaincy Service Previously Director of Equality and Diversity, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Mr Mohammed Ajeeb CBE


Former Lord Mayor of Bradford, and the first Asian (Pakistani) Lord Mayor in the United Kingdom

Mr Asif Saleem


CEO Nafees Group